Body Betrayal​/​Disparate Split Tape

by Disparate

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released December 13, 2012

Vocals - Maria
Guitar - Tanner
Bass - Joe
Drums - Erik
Gang vocals - Tanner, Joe, Matt, & Ben
Recorded @ Grandma's House
Mixed by Micheal @ Beer Stör
Mixed again by Micheal @ GTFO




Disparate Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Support
violence doesn't stay in one place
abuse gets passed down from generation to generation
this society doesn't support victims we feel trapped in our violence
trapped by tragedy scared to resist
how do we break free?
save my family
Track Name: Stuck
stuck we cant get up
if you don't feel at home its not your fault
you can run away yours to claim, run...
stress from home
why cant we get up
why do we feel stuck
life is not your enemy
Track Name: Why Did We Come Here?
I am in between
my blood mixes in me
why did we come here?
my mothers not born here
my skin and my dark hair
why did we come here?
loss of identity
promise of security
Track Name: Destroying Everything
save the planet goddamnit
this is bullshit cant have it
burnt down buildings rebuilding
replace glass we smash, save yourself
burn down your tower
smash the glass
destroying everything can't fix everything
a manarchist smashed state means nothing
you replicate systems of oppression
Track Name: Your Wasted Life
Your wasted life your wasted time
your pointless existence cant last your lies of security are insecurity
masculinity cant control me
you perpetuate rape culture with your lies of protecting the state
you only put me in a constant state of fear as a woman of color
the prison system acts as modern day slavery
keeping people of color behind bars
nothing has changed and nothing will change
until the prison system is destroyed
the prison system must be destroyed
Track Name: Where Do You Leave Room?
where do you leave room
for things not as big as you
I feel trapped in your presence
I want to share this space tired of you taking everything
your words and your actions have effect on the present
be aware of the time we share
you don't deserve my attention
with your fucking macho attitude